Let’s cut to the chase. I could sit here and tell you about all of the things I’ve done-- where I went to law school, how long I’ve been practicing, all that blah-blah bull-shit. But TBH, you don’t really care about what I’ve done. You care about what I’m going to do. So that’s exactly what I’ll tell you. 

I redefine everything you’ve been told about what a lawyer should be. Stiff and arrogant? Noooo thank you. Stale office vibes? Not my scene. Suit and tie? I’m pretty sure you mean messy buns and big hoops. If you’re looking for someone who suits up everyday, doesn’t drop the F bomb on the reg, and embodies the boring shit you see on TV- you’re in the wrong place (Just in case that wasn’t already majorly obvious). Most lawyers will tell you to follow the rules, I’ll tell you to break them (Not the legal ones though). I’m here to shake shit up in the best way possible.  

Whew, now that that’s outta the way let's talk about what I can do for you. 

I’m the badass lawyer fiercely protecting what you’ve worked so hard to create. I make brand protection easy as fuck, because when it comes to your business- you already have enough on your plate. I do the heavy lifting so you can strut your stuff without worrying about missed payments or copycats. 

Through fuck-up free contracts and trademark asset protection, I give you the confidence to fearlessly be the business badass you were born to be. It's my job to keep you safe in these business streets, and I take that mission extremely serious. Cause' if you can’t tell by the current state of affairs, people are really out here wild’n out. It's no longer safe to launch new offers without someone copying your magic. It's not enough to shake a hand and call it a deal. You need real brand ownership. You need solid contracts that actually protect you.

When it comes to your brand, I don’t play games. & neither should you. Together, we can protect your brand and secure your bag. 

head bit*h in charge



 booking last minute flights// buying books I never read// boxing //  snuggling my feisty chihuahua// impromptu tattoos// calling out the bull-shit// being real AF

Fuck legally blonde, I'm legally badass.

If you can’t tell by now, I’m not your average lawyer. I’m not some ivy league valley girl with daddy’s trust fund money. I’m just like you. I have a past, and that past has built me into a mother-fucking powerhouse. I used to think that those cracks in my foundation were faulty, but they are the ultimate reason for my success. My empire wasn't built because I’m a lawyer. My empire was built because I am just. like. you. 

I'm a woman with vision and a fierce advocate. I'm a lover and a fighter. I don't fit society's narrative of who I should be or what I should look like, I stand out and break barriers. I'm bold, I'm bossy, and I've been told on more than one occasion that I'm "too much". But that "too much" is exactly why I'm here. I'm a rebel with cause. And that cause is to show you that you can be the truest, most authentic, and unapologetic version of yourself-all while breaking the norm and claiming the rightful spot to your MF'n empire.